Nimeto: transformation of a trade school
III: Cutting

Through a process of subtracting, rather than adding, we give voice to lost and silent qualities. > Project


Elephant trail: ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
III:  Portals

Sculpted in our studio and cast in brass, the instruments are heavy and tactile. > Project


Crane dance: ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
I: Actor and spectator

In the installation, underneath the impressive Catalpa tree, it is possible to observe the dance of the crane, reflect on it, or even to dance like a crane. The roles of the crane and human as actor and spectator is questioned. The roles become unclear and shift from time to time. 


Nimeto: transformation of a trade school
II: A lively workshop

The dream is to transform the school into a lively workshop. The smell of wood fills all spaces, someone is painting a door or building a chair, groups of students are gathered around big objects.  > Project


Verborgen Tuin: redesign of a sylvan garden
III: A glade

One hundred Rhododendrons densify the forest’s border. Periwinkle is used as a ground cover around the clearing. A mix of hostas, soft shield ferns, yellow wax-bells, bishop's hats and treacle berries is planted in front of the tall plumes of goat's beard.  > Project



Nimeto: transformation of a trade school
I: Six voids

The proposal is to create six open spaces throughout and in between the buildings. These spaces connect the buildings, crafts and students. > Project



Olifantenspoor: Artis Royal Zoo
II:  Educational trail

The trail makes learning an act of active discovery. Together the installations deepen an understanding of animals and landscapes. > Project



Tower in a garden
I: Hidden connections

At first sight the landscape of Moerenburg and Koningshoeven is divided by highways. But if one observes carefully, thousands of connections may be found; hidden beneath the ground, above the clouds and between the grass and trees. > Project



Hollandsche Schouwburg: a Shoah memorial & museum in Mokum
V: Islands & Enclaves 

Bleak light filters through the soft membrane that is slightly moved by the wind. The sound of my footsteps on the ash floor as I walk. A rumbling tram far away.  > Project




Cafe: an installation for the Amsterdam Art Fair
III:  KV01 chair

High quality vegetable tanned cow leather was cut, sewn and used as a cover around the bended steel tube frame. The chairs allow visitors to sit back and observe the large plants of the installation from beneath, exposing the textures and opaque quality of the leaves.   > Project




Thesis Hollandsche Schouwburg
I: Mokum & memory

The history, memory and myth of jewish life in Amsterdam, the Plantage, Hollandsche Schouwburg and Hervormde Kweekschool.  > Project





Cafe: an installation for the Amsterdam Art Fair
II: Enclosed garden

Returning from school we would enter my grandmother's garden from the kitchen, through the beaded curtains, with a glass of lemonade. Hortensia's grew against the fence that rose high above. Here, in the dappled shade of the fruit tree, time seemed to pass at a different pace while I watched my grandmother watering the plants.  > Project



Hollandsche Schouwburg: a Shoah memorial & museum in Mokum
IV: Memory

A child comes up to the small object on a pedestal and may understand, this belonged to someone.  > Project



Verborgen Tuin: redesign of a sylvan garden
II: Reflections

A bronze water basin, cast in the forest soil it sits on, accentuates the glade. Milling the edge has left a golden fringe, which - like the water - reflects the dappled light penetrating the forest.  > Project



Pfarrei: St. Maria Ins
I: Paesina

The church leaders are having a lunch break; sounds of the music lesson echo; a funeral procession underneath the copper beech.   > Project



Olifantenspoor: Artis Royal Zoo
I:  Peculiar instruments

Six installations of observation and reflection around the elephant enclosure. Instruments, revealing the sensory world of elephants, often hidden for humans. A low rumble, hard to hear; the smell of attraction; the coolness of mud; feeling the smallest groove; an expressive sign language. > Project



Noordelijke Citroëngarage: PK award for young architects
I: Anatomy

In between the columns I found beauty. Southern light, soft on the round staircase; the reflection of the sun on the floor, polished by its use; hidden hatches, used to transport oil to the basement; cherishing stories from previous owners, mechanics and neighbors. 


Cafe: an installation for the Amsterdam Art Fair
I: Entrance

The moment of entering the room, the experience of looking at a garden changes into being surrounded by a garden. Perspectival vision changes into peripheral perception. Temperature, sounds and smells change. Within the boundary of the walls there is a place of contemplation.  > Project



Hollandsche Schouwburg: a Shoah memorial & museum in Mokum
III: Resonance

A subtle threshold marks the entrance of the cabinet. The smell of larch resin; even when I close my eyes the building still envelops me. Sounds turn to silence on the massive timber walls.  > Project


Verborgen Tuin: redesign of a sylvan garden
I: Peripheral and focused vision

The felling of a large ash, weakened by its old age, has left a clearing in the forest.  An opening, framed by the remains of a brick bench, provides a view from the house on the clearing in the forest. The water basin reflects the light penetrating the forest. > Project



Lefortovo: transformation of a Moscow park
I: The water shrine

Light enters through a crevice in the thick rammed earth walls and reflects in a shallow pond on an old stone.  > Project



Hollandsche Schouwburg: a Shoah memorial & museum in Mokum
II: Light

I turn the bead in front of me to read a name. Endlessly shining through, the sun projects a soft green hue as its light refracts in the glass.  > Project



Hollandsche Schouwburg: a Shoah memorial & museum in Mokum
I: Mokum

I stand on the Plantage Middenlaan. The thick glass facades of the Hollandsche Schouwburg and Hervormde Kweekschool shimmer. Behind the open doors the seemingly hovering timber floor continues.  > Project