Pfarrei St. Maria Ins; competition entry

The existing church of the römisch-katholische Pfarrei St. Maria Ins is situated on a plateau, lifted three meters from the Fauggersweg in Ins. Over the years the ill defined church garden was cluttered by buildings and other elements, each speaking their own language. The outspoken geometrical form of the church only comes to its right if it is freestanding. It is provided with a base, or a frame, almost like a sculpture. 

Going up the stairs from the street means entering the realm of the church. Like the stone garden walls of the surrounding houses, the boundary cherishes the church with a strong presence and provides a silent space around it. A courtyard connects the buildings on the plateau. It remains an open space, ready for further appropriation.

 - The church leaders are having a lunch break; sounds of the music lesson echo; a funeral procession underneath the copper beech. 


pfarrei maarten van kesteren

The monoliths emphasize the topography, creating distinct realms on the street- and the church’s level. A small square, between the road and the plateau, enables the continuity between the arrival and specific uses. Three beeches are planted to provide the square with some cover. A small waterbasin allows passersby’s to drink something. Going up the stairs means entering the realm of the church.

- People come, people go, a father picks up his child, the wedding car parks.

ins maarten van kesteren