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Redesign of a sylvan garden.

The felling of a large ash, weakened by its old age, has left a clearing in the forest. A lush border that contains the overgrown ruin of a brick bench separates the forest from the rest of the garden, leaving it barely noticeable from the house.

The back of the bench is removed. An opening, framed by the remaining arm rests, provides a view from the house on the clearing in the forest. A tombac water basin, cast in the forest soil it sits on, accentuates the clearing. The milling used to level the edge of the basin leaves a golden fringe - that like the water - reflects the light of the sunbeams penetrating the forest.

Every spring the forest is filled with anemones, snowdrops and crocuses. We propose a flower garden and a mix of new plants that form the backdrop for the water basin and the clearing in the forest. One hundred Rhododendrons densify the garden border. Periwinkle is used as a ground cover around the clearing. A mix of hostas, soft shield ferns, yellow wax-bells, bishop's hats and treacle berries is planted in front of the tall plumes of goat's beard. The new plants are selected to add to the luster of the forest throughout the seasons.

Many of the decisions are made on site. Tested and adjusted step by step, the plan evolved slowly as the garden takes shape.



The water basin is cast in tombac: a brass alloy. We have used a silicone mould to create a replica of the forest soil the basin now sits on. From the terrace of the house the inhabitants only see the reflective surface of the water and milled fringe. Approaching the clearing, the texture of the forest soil within the basin is revealed. 

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